1 Warm overdrive

by sandal20

2 oasis strumming pattern

by blueyboy1

6 App to Memorize the Fretboard

by CompleteThink

7 hi

by ovettitucy

8 Beginner guitar lessons.

by rockinglicks

9 Begginer riffs/licks

by doey_eko

15 hammer ons and pull offs

by Hammy86

16 Vox amps

by Jackson JS23 Dinky ( Pages 1 2 )

17 2nd Bass lesson

by Gavin

18 Whats a Pentatonic Scale?

by jamesd74

19 My first lesson

by Gavin

20 headphones

by Gavin

22 fingers

by Gavin

24 Help for a newb.

by jamesd74

28 Learning progress

by terraman

29 BEGinning Guitar Lessons

by wipeitaway

30 Hi from a new learner

by Hotwire