Topic: Simple recording

Whats up? I have been experimenting for a long time with recording at home. I have bought Alesis USB to guitar cables at least 3. I have used differnt setups and programs. I currently use MAGIX music studio to record. I found that its simple and I can get a clean sound. My guitar setup is  1 cable with a regular laptop mic end and a guitar cable jack on the other whitch I 2. hook up to a digitech RP250 effects pedal. in the right output, 4  have another cable running from the left output to the pa and finally my guitar pluged into the input of the pedal. Since the program records in mono I found that selecting mono mix puts the sound into stereo. This has been my best set up I found, The sound can be controlled through my pedal and not my speaker. whitch helps in playing louder without sacrificing the volume when I record.

Here is the 1st recording I did with the set up. The guitar that I'm using is a First act les paul looking guitar. I need to change the strings lol

[mp3]/uploads/8f234b9f2cce47a298369bb137ae9909.mp3[/mp3]  Thanx

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