Topic: String for fingerstyle

Im a proud owner of telecaster thinline and im looking for strings with great mids and warm tone.
I play mostly fingerstyle, so i need clear sound. What gauge would be best? I was thinking about these sets
Gewa 673230 Fire&Stone electric guitar strings 10-52
Elixir Strings 12077 Nanoweb Light Top Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings

Is it true that Elixir with nanoweb or polyweb don't have very clear tone?

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Re: String for fingerstyle

most people i know use 10's on electrics and 11's phosphor bronze
on acoustics...this is a good starting point but at the end of the day
its personal choice
i use rotosound yellows (10's) on one of my strats
but 9's on a second strat that has an evertune bridge tonally they are very similar
i think on a telecaster 10's would be a good choice for any stlye
a wire wound 3rd(018) will also help if your not doing much bending
it will thicken the sound and make tuning more stable
+ dont forget you amp/pedal setup will contribute a lot to what sort of
sound you're going to get

stringbusters is a great online place for every sort of string

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