Topic: Drum/ drm loops

One of the things that is an issue for most people that want to record their music is drums.

Drum machines are good though they tend to demotivate the guitarist when trying ot lay down tracks.

Not everyone has the benefit of being able to pay their guitar with a full band and drums are so vital.

I have recently been trying drum loops that are recorded live with acoustic drums. They are actually suprisingly good quality when looped and provde a much more realistic drum sound with the ability to mix grooves with fills to really make your own song.

Re: Drum/ drm loops

i ran a small commercial studio in the 70's and the biggest pain in the ars* was always the drummer .. why
not use drum loops and drum machines all the big boys have been doing it since drum machines and loops
were first invented over 25 years ago.. if you want to lose your phobia use a real drummer for a session
......you'll get f*** all done and finish up setting fire to his drum kit
you can still manipulate loops etc in cubase and other good sequencers to put your own personal touch to your projects

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Re: Drum/ drm loops

I can't help feeling a little sorry for the drummer. It seems that they are the most likely people to become obsolete within a studio.

I am sure, even with my limited knowledge, that I can get some drum sounds that will be hard to tell they aren't the real thing from EZdrummer. It really does sound top class.

Re: Drum/ drm loops

its horses for courses and a drummer definitely doesn't fit in a home studio ( literally )..
but for live work who'd do without them..get stuck in with your EZdrummer..they are real sounds
easy to lay down giving you more time to get on with the writing/playing etc. I bet 99% of all commercial
productions use loops drum machines and whatever else is on offer
if you want to use a drummer though let him loose with you ez drummer and see what sort of
rythms he can come up with, you can use them then in your songs

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