How much for the unit and is it easy to fit to the guitars?


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I think lemon oil is more of a cleaning / maintenance product. Smells and looks great though  default/smile


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Try the Sigma TM12 travel acoustic (TM12E for electro acoustic). Not cheap but easily the best value small bodied acoustic guitar that Ive tried. I gave one to my teenaged daughter at Christmas and its lovely although I do tend to play it more than her  default/smile


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It's that time of year. Nominations please for best guitarist of this year. Ive seen some amazing acoustic players in 2012 so Im going to kick off with Jon Gomm for his performance on the Guitar Masters Tour with Andy Mckee and Preston Reid. A cool assed player who can burn on the acoustic guitar.


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Has this forum changed theme?


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Hows it going James. Im still interested but backed up with stock at the moment. It would be good to see some advertising going on and, dare I say it, an endorsement from someone.


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jamesd74 wrote:

All done for another year... default/big_smile  default/big_smile  default/big_smile

Well done mate but 3 smiley faces? Surely worthy of 4 at least...


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Im back, from sunny Cornwall. Spot the irony there?

That wouldnt be a certain black RG350 would it? Sounds niiiiiice.


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It was just plain dull this time. Even the 5 Russian Grandmas failed to raise a laugh. Whatever they were baking looked tasy though. Bring back Wogan and his toupee, I say.

jamesd74 wrote:

Spam was a food for the poor and was guven to poor familys during world war 2.

It was cheap to produce and full of crap. I for one say it good for you in a sandwhich with a fried egg.

Thats just a heart attack waiting to implode your arteries right there James. You really are a Notherner aren't you  default/wink


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Hello, good evening and welcome. This is a nice friendly forum with plenty of helpful people.


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I think you can break out of a rut with some good online material but I wouldnt want it to be my only way of learning guitar

I have to admit, I have started selling these V100s about 6 months ago and they are epic little guitars. Ive tried a few Epiphone LPs and they have been indifferent at best. The look is pretty much the same but he playability is better and the pickups kick som botty.


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jamesd74 wrote:

Q.. I wish to leave £1000000 in trust with the purpose of erecting a monument to myself and my beloved dog Harry.

Explain the legal position regard this request?

A.. Go f*** your self, bastard twat dick face and spend yer money before you die.

It could easily happen. But only if youve got a dog called Harry.

jamesd74 wrote:

Sorry I should of explained a bit better, the DT 25 is a new valve amp. And as you rightly say the hd 500 is the mother of all effects pedals.

They are programed to work together in sweet harmoney.

The Spider Valve is epically good. The Bogner bit really works well with the Line 6 emulations. Id definitely gig one if i was in the marketplace


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The Vox AGA acoustic amps are pretty good. Nice tone control and build quality.


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Your effects pedals sound the part. The Bigg Muff sounds particularly convincing. I like the graphics too.


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Im liking the colour combo of the Nordicaster guitar. You may have inspired me to do something similar!


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AndyGarza wrote:

Hi Guys i am new to Guitar field. I am fond of Guitar playing and wanna learn playing guitar plz help me to tell a guitar teaching institute.

Id say try 2 or 3 guitar lessons to see if thats your best way to learn. If it works out, great. If not try books as there is some great stuff out there. Also just pick songs that you want to play and search for decent guitar tab online or in books / mags. The process of learning new songs will help you explore the guitar neck.

There does come a point where technical problems to do with how you play will hinder you so find a good teacher to help iron these out.

Hello from Peterborough. Lovely really.


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alun wrote:
MarkHenry wrote:
alun wrote:

Hi MarkHenry, good to have you here, what music are you into?  default/smile

Hi Alun,
I am into Guitar music. What about you?

Yup, Guitar music too,,,  default/hmm

I think we are all pretty much into guitar music here. default/wink


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jamesd74 wrote:

Not trying to be big headed, but had some really good results from my Law degree.

Was walking past a shop and this guitar jumped out and said "you have done well treat yourself".

Its a Samick, never heard of them but its nice.

Ive heard of them but never played one. What's it like?


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jamesd74 wrote:

Would you pay £16,613.27 for guitar thats worth £1000 just because Ron Wood Signed it????? … 4842f9c17f

Not in a trillion years.


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Ive just become a Line 6 dealer (hurrah) and was wondering what opinions you had of their amps and effects on this forum? They seem to be loaded with effects, loopers, emulations etc and build quality looks good but are the amp emulations doing it for you and do the effects stand up to pedal type FX or similar amps from VOX etc?