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Travel guitar
Hi all. I am working on a travel guitar design for a university project. I am looking for feedback regarding current travel guitars used and any associated problems that may have been encountered and any desirable features that users would like to see incorporated within a new travel guitar design.

Please feel free to say anything at all regarding your experiences of such and any ideas you may have for a new design.

Some questions i have are:

Would you like to see a different type of acoustic or electric guitar to those on offer?

How many frets would you like? (i am thinking of a 12 fret for compactness).

What body shape? i am thinking of a semi acoustic telecaster shape with pickups fitted.

Any feedback at all would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your participation and even for simply reading this request.

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Re: Travel guitar

Sorry I don't do feedback......

Imagine if the words of Imagine ever came true.....

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Re: Travel guitar

i used to get my git out of the case and practice on the back seat of the tranny on the way to
to the gig

but the best is the travel drum kit

playing in hinkley on one sunday night ..the drummer set his kit up in the back of this large furniture van
we borrowed and played it ( keith moon style only 10x louder..and out of sight ) through the town centre
you should have seen the faces . the boy racers with their bass bin back seats wouldn't have stood a chance

as far as the 'travel guitar' goes..i should think a piece of 2x1  with 12 frets would be OK

would be interesting to hear who's got a travel guitar

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