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Topic: Creating a Practice Schedule

One thing I've found to be helpful as a guitar teacher is to
give my student's a practice schedule.

You can give them schedules on:

1) Note reading & theory
2) Technique
3) Scales, modes, exercises
4) Chords & rhythm
5) Soloing & improvisation
6) Stylistic approaches
7) Songwriting
8) Ear training

and so forth.

This helps give the student more structure, and I've seen better results, since
I suggest approximate practice times for different categories.

Of course you should switch things around to keep it fun for them.

Hope these ideas help!


Re: Creating a Practice Schedule

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Re: Creating a Practice Schedule

For beginning music students, I usually divide their assignments into 3 main categories:

1. Technique - learning scales, fingering, chords, etc.
2. Lesson songs - songs that the student needs to learn so it will help progress them to be a better player
3. Fun songs - songs that the student wants to learn

Usually without #3, the student will be bored and may risk quitting music lessons.  Good luck!

-Theresa Chen
California music teacher

Re: Creating a Practice Schedule

How can we get a student to learn as a beginner without loosing interest..?
what should we teach so that they feel they're learning something..

I mean some just give up playing if they are not hearing what the should..
How to handle this..?