Topic: Major Scale Modes


This Week I'm looking at modes how they are constructed and how they can be used.

I've often found that Modes are misunderstood, both by beginners and experienced musicians.

Just the other day I found something by a graduate of Berklee saying how he found that early Jazz players used only Chord notes and frowned upon people who used scales... This is ridiculous since if you do use all the notes including extensions of a chord you are in fact playing using modes, my video should explain how that works if you dont understand.

You can check out the video here:

Hope its helpful or at least interesting.

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Re: Major Scale Modes

Your presenting style is very good. Nice and clear and easy to understand!

The modes are one of those aspects that I am still, nearly ten years on, struggling to grasp fully. Not so much what they are and why, but more the ability to apply those modal tones within music.

Good luck with your videos!