Topic: best value amp?

Thanks for allowing me to join.   
I've read several're all v knowledgable..(unlike myself!  I can play about 3 chords, at a push) thought this looks like a good place to come for advice.

My husband loves his guitars...acoustic, electric... he plays in house all the time & gigs in small venues about once a month.
I am hoping to purchase a new amplifier for his birthday this weekend (electric guitar).
Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea where to start.

I'd like to get one for around the house...but not sure if these pretty much a waste of money... & should instead go for something he can use at small gigs but also in the house (with some sort of headphones or the like...v young children in the house!)

I am at a complete loss.  Also...dont have a huge budget....looking to spend somewhere between £100-£200.

I guess I'm basically asking what people think is the best, all-round, value amp on the market today for under £200????

Any advice would be much appreicated,


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Re: best value amp?

hi and welcome to the forum
there's shed loads of suitable gear there any reason why
you cant get your husband involved in selecting an amp since he appears
to be a practising musician?
i think a good starting point would be a 50watt 1 or 2 speaker combo...
but for less than £200 you might be looking at s/hand

google for trusted names...VOX/MARSHALL/ORANGE/PEAVEY/LINE6 ETC

local music shops might be worth a visit ..but take someone who knows
a little bit about what your after

no doubt some useful suggestions will be forthcoming

whether you get sorted this weekend though might be a tight call

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Re: best value amp?

Well I guess to those that know me this will come as no surprise.....

modeling amps...

For that money you can get great modeling amp full of toys and usable sounds.....

I have a peavy vypyr and can recommend it.....

Although I am sure Line 6,Vox, Fender, also represent great value and have great sounds....

Just in-case your wondering what a modeling amp is


Imagine if the words of Imagine ever came true.....

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Re: best value amp?

excellent sound...excellent prices
peavey have a good track record...some of my gear is peavey ( PA )
+ my new neighbour just gave me a Peavey deuce 2x12 guitar amp
cause hes jacked playing and he wants the space..cant be bad

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Re: best value amp?

It looks like the OP has vanished, but I used to believe that an amp had to be made by Marshall, so when I was playing 1st time around, I went through 3 of them. 

On returning to guitar, over a decade late, I bought an 80s Laney Lineback 20w practice amp which I was amazed with.  These days, I use another old 80s amp: a Peavey Classic Chorus 212.  It's an SS amp so always sounds the same and any volume and is both quiet enough to use indoors and easily loud enough for gigs.

Guitars: Fender MIM Strat, Epiphone Explorer, Aria Pro ii Magna Series
Amp: Peavey Classic Chorus 212
And an ever growing pedal board

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