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Topic: Almost got it

Hi Everyone

I have been listening and trying to get the chords for this song


the online chords that I found didn't seem right so I have got

C  G  Am  F G
C  G  Am  F G
then back to C for the second verse.

I get a little unstuck at the bridge though

is it Am F G (or C) ?

and I am also not sure on the last few lines

is it

F                                          Dm      Em? sounds odd
10000 stones would save the fool in me

I don't know what the next line is  maybe 

F                                    Am      Dm
10000 stones would be a strange blessing

last line

F                                          G         C
10000 stones would build the best in me

This is the first time I have ever tried to work out the chords by just listening..  how did I do?

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Re: Almost got it

I'll try and have a go at it over the weekend for you and will let you know! Good work on trying it though

Re: Almost got it

I still wouldn't know where to start.

Imagine if the words of Imagine ever came true.....

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Re: Almost got it

thanks Olly, would appreciate it

James - I usually just go for some online chords. I did find some but it sounded wrong so I just played the song over and over along with all the chords I know (well that's an exaggeration I had an idea what chord progressions might be used) and eventually came out with something that I can sing to that doesn't sound too odd.

I have seen one video of the artist play live and she uses the whole fret board - while my chords stay at the first few frets - so I don't know - she's obviously playing the same chords just further up the fret board? But I don't know enough to know how that makes a difference to the sound.

Keep on plucking!

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Re: Almost got it

Still didn't understand.

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Re: Almost got it

is this thread still viable
the end is
Dm/ Em F///     could be Dm7
Dm/ Em F///
Dm/ G/ C///

at what time does the bridge start is it of no consequence anymore?????

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