Topic: Introducing AudioStorm HotBoxes!

The HotBox is a true ultra-compact and exceptionally cost effective powerbrake that enables you to drive your tube amp brutally hard into those sweet overload conditions yet output the perfect volume for recording, jamming, session work and open mic nights down at your local.

Simply connect between your amp's output and the speaker itself then turn your amp up to overload levels and a % of the power (depending on which HotBox you have) will be absorbed and turned into heat leaving you with the REAL and UNIQUE sound of YOUR amp overloading but at a manageable volume.

All Audiostorm pedals are designed to offer unique, innovative and truly useful features. We use only the highest quality components to maintain crystal clear and pure tone all the way through. Everything is designed from the ground up for the musician wo wants versatility and cutting edge design.

AudioStorm can be seen at Leeds Bradford Guitar Show on Sunday 22nd September.

If you have questions about any of the Audiostorm range please feel free to ask  default/smile


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