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Hi all, I am a learner. My terminology may not be up to scratch so please be patient.

I have an Ibanez V72ECE-NT, bought second hand. It tunes well using the built in tuner, and has a good rich, mellow tone.

I have heard people talk of 'high' and 'low' action. Can someone please describe to me, just what that is? and will what I describe in the next paragraph impact on my playing the guitar

With regard to the subject; having had a good look at the saddle (which is the plastic piece that fits into the bridge, I've been told) there is a definite difference in the height where the thickest 'e' string sits and the height where the thinnest 'e' string sits. Putting a rule at the 11th fret wire, the measurement is something in the region of 3/16 from the fret wire to the bottom of the thickest 'e' string. The measurement from the same fret wire to the bottom of the thinnest 'e' string is 1/8. is this normal?

Please advise.


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Re: Saddle

hi jtb
'action' generally means the height of the strings from the fretboard
you measured 1/8 for the first string ( top of fret to bottom of string )at the 11th fret
This measurement is usually done @ the 12th fret when making comparisons

an electric guitar usually has a lower action than an acoustic but its all a matter of taste
The lower the action the more chance of fret buzz/rattle..but easier to play ( less pressure to fret a string )and visa versa

experience will steer you to how you prefer it but i think ( personally )3/16 is a bit high
for any string

google these issues : nut break point height ( height of sting over 1st fret )
                                 : neck relief ( concave bend of the fretboard )
                                 : choice of gauge of string ( which will determine neck relief )
                                 : action ( general feel of the height over the whole fingerboard )
                                              this can be acheived by altering the height of the bridge after all the other adjustments
                                 : intonation ( the scale length of each individual string )
                                              this is not normally possible on an acoustic..see the differences between an 'electic bridge' and an 'acoustic bridge'
all these variables ( and adjustments ) are within the capabilities of anyone with slight
DIY tendencies but google  ( youtube esp ) for more detailed explanations

if anything is not clear please post

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