Topic: Custom Telecaster with Stratocaster headstock

Kononykheen Telecaster. New, unused. In factory package.

body: basswood
body top laminate: flame maple
neck: maple
fingerboard: maple

Video samples here:

Video is "what camera hears", without any sound mastering, to hear true sound of guitars. You can hear it sounds with less "glass" than usual teles, and with more surf-rock warm mids - the effect of basswood, smooth for surf- soft- and pop-rock.

Will ship anywhere for free!

We are team of guitar builders working in Vladivostok, Russia, and we specialize on building custom guitars and bass-guitars. We make our instruments of Asian factories blanks, so the price is attractive and options range as good as at luthier workshop. All parts meet ISO9001 quality standard. Saying simply, it is average-good made-in-Japan quality tier.

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