Topic: Hi There !

Hi Y'all ! I'm old enough to be your dad, and then some.... after a couple of failed attempts years back I'm now finally getting to grips with this addiction.

My current geetar stable consists of ;

A B&M ( Admira ) bargain basement jobby that I've had for over 35 years and is about 45 years old and despite its doubious pedigree sounds quite good.

Then I bought a Fender Strat copy ( squier, courtesy of our friends in the Republic of China ) that was a mess but has now been fully sorted and sounds good.... or as good as they get !

Then I acquired an Admira Sevilla' ...nice looking,  good tone and volume ( thats for sale )

And my Dogs Wotsits is  my   White / Maple Strat ( MN version ).

If anyone on here lives in the NW of UK ( North Lancs ) it would be nice to hear from ya.


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