Topic: My Effects pedal setup please help

Hi all,

Thanks for taking a look at my post. I'm fairly new to the analogue effects world and i was wondering if anyone can give me any tips on setting up effects? and if i have the correct amount of power. Seems okay so far but i want to get the most out of my setup. I'm running a marshall tsl 602 valve combo through my effects and into my 2014 fender strat with ssl-1 pickups and modified pots and caps etc. I pulled all the guts out of her when i got her to get it more how i want it to sound. I fiddle with RHCP/Mayer but i really just write my own music as you can hear from the intro to the video i posted above. but any help on power supplies and good leads (does it really make a difference) would be amazing. First time posting online about this stuff please be nice xD

Many thanks guys/gals

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Re: My Effects pedal setup please help

i suppose with effects its all a matter of preference concerning the order and settings but i
would put the tuner first..then you can always do a retune without turning any other
pedals off ( esp chorus )
the rating of the psu ( amps ) should be more than the sum of the plugged pedals
ie if each pedal is say consuming 100ma
then you can plug 10 into a 1 amp psu ...( absolute max )
if you ran 5 pedals it would run a lot cooler
if you ran 11 pedals it would overheat or blow a fuse

+depending on the psu each o/p might have its own rating which
could also be the psu manual

these are a few examples
Dunlop 105Q bass wah – 10mA
Boss DD-5 digital delay – 57mA
Boss GEB-7 bass EQ – 17mA
Crowther Audio Hot Cake – 3mA
Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard – 5mA
Digitech X-Series bass synth wah – 84mA
Boss LMB-3 bass limiter/enhancer – 14mA
TC Electronic Polytune Mini – 45mA
Line 6 Relay G30 receiver – 143mA
Orchid Electronics Micro DI – 3mA

use flexible 2 way multistrand cable ( not solid core ) for your leads
doesnt have to be overkill ..similar to low voltage wall wart wire

dont let anybody tell you silver wire @ $50 a meter will give you a better sound
its all BS

the git sounds nice on the utube clip whats that going through?

some other pedals

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Re: My Effects pedal setup please help

Thank you very much for your reply! Noted! I will certainly take note of the importance of a psu and the dangers surrounding that 'area'.

Thanks again for the comment about my sound. Taken me some time to acquire.

Marshall TSL 602 valve combo>mxr micro amp>blues driver>DS-2>CS-3 compressor>fender reverb>Ns-2 noise supressor>Guitar

I have saved that link and going to make a tea and go through the whole site. I'm very particular about my tone as it's very personal for me to get the right sound/feel. I play in standard tuning with gauge 10s but was thinking about going E flat.

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