Topic: Biyang OD-8 overdrive/tube screamer

Hi again all, merry Christmas  default/smile

I am receiving a new biyang OD-8 tomorrow. Does anyone know anything about this pedal personally? I had to purchase it for the price. It sounds good from what I hear on YouTube and is easy to get a great bluesy hollow tube lead tone as I am running it into a marshall valve combo. I'm really hoping this is going to be a great pedal. Looks great etc too which is always nice. I know price means nothing as it's all to do with sound. Not money. I have taken a boss DS-2 off my board in exchange for an OD-3. So what would you guys/gals say? It's very important to me to have a good clean tone with ever so slightly gritty (barely noticeable) and to have a great lead channel.

Thanks guys.

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