Topic: Tanglewood strap

I have just received my new TW28 and wasn't expecting the jack socket and strap fixing to be combined.

My electric and other acoustic have a secure (pull the pin and slide fixing) - sorry not sure what its called. My concern is that the rear fixing on the Tanglewood is only safe if a plug is in the jack socket.

I am a real beginner and wondered if anyone can tell me if there is a fixing or strap that is more secure than the stock fitting.

It would absolutely break my heart if I dropped it while I was practicing


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Re: Tanglewood strap

this type of jack/strap pin is perfectly safe.. having a jack in or out makes
no difference.  most acoustics with transducers/pups use this type of strap pin
a bigger risk of an accident is an ill fitting strap esp oversize slots ( the slit in the strap
that goes over the strap pin )
always make sure its a nice tight fit and wont pull off by just yanking the strap
apart from potential damage of the git hitting the deck it can be very embarrassing
esp if you're poncing about on stage

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