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One thing that I've found enjoyable is teaching groups (2-3 people).
The student's get motivated by each other and it's a great way to practice
rhythm and lead with them.

Also, having groups can earn you more income (hopefully!)

Let's say, for example, you charge $50 for one hour per student.  In the group you could
charge say $35 per student for the hour, and then you'd make $70 for one hour!
Not bad, right?

Just figured I'd share some tips and info to you guys about teaching groups.

Feel free to reply and share your experiences with teaching groups.

Keep rocking!



Re: Teaching guitar to groups!

When I first started playing guitar I was taught as part of a group. It has its positives and negatives. I think the positives outweighed the negatives as being able to bounce ideas off your fellow students really helped.

I have never personally taught a group but I think i might well find it more enjoyable than teaching one at a time. I think though that my teachings days are well and truly over now. I find its a struggle to find time to even pick up the guitar at the moment let alone dedicate regular time to teach!

Re: Teaching guitar to groups!

The thing with the group is you have to teach to the lowest person in the room for them to follow.  This means that the person who's got it and is ready for going to be shuffling their feet and waiting to move ahead.

Not to mention you have audience management and many different personality types to navigate through all at once.  How many will be bored?  How many will feel this is stupid, or how many will be thinking about the xBox game they had played all night? 

If your goal is to teach then, these are things not on paper that you will eventually have to address to run a sustainable program.


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Re: Teaching guitar to groups!

I have found that if you teach in a creative manner, you are well able to cater for the advanced and the beginner player in a group.

Here's a little tip: Make sure you give everyone some headphones too. You can then make the beginner practice a riff/lick while you help the more advanced student out.

Groups are harder to manage, but true if you have 10 guys paying $35 that is $350 for the hour, so potentially lucrative.

JUST make sure you always give top quality instruction and lots of value!

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