Topic: Stop on over at guitar lessons 365

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let everyone here know about the update over at Guitar Lessons 365. Carl, has just redone his site with a few new exciting features for the free lessons and the paid membership section. If you are are a guitar teacher or someone looking for a structured way of learning, Carl's  site is worth checking out, and you'll want to even join the paid membership section, which  is a true value. One thing that is new is that he is offering exchange video guidance to videos that you submit to him. All this is for the paid subscription membership and since Carl does this full time, a prompt reply is what you recieve. I've been a paid a member now for several years and there is a reason for it, you have a talented player, teacher and someone really  sincere who enjoys teaching the art of playing music on the guitar.

Stop on by.

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Re: Stop on over at guitar lessons 365

Please tell me you have now works fine this site? The problem is that I have like a week there is no possibility to come on it, and I love this website and I used it. In fact, I even tried to go through the proxy. Hopefully soon I will.

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