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Hey all,

I'm new to the forum and in some desperate need of some advice.

I've recently put down a deposit of £500 for a 1968 gibson heritage, which I believe is worth about £1500-2000. Asking price is £1500.

However I need some advice regarding the condition. I know its an old guitar so there's bound to be some wear and tear, but these are the issues:

1. Repair job at the base of the body
2. Back of bridge very slightly raised and missing glue. but body or play not effected (no warp).
3. Face of body missing varnish and scratch plate.
4. Cracks in varnish at back (all over back but can only be seen by light reflection in pic)
5. Holes in varnish on base of body

It looks like a half finished repair job. However the guitar feels and plays beautifully.

Thanks soo much and sorry for the cheekyness of this being my first post.


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Re: Gibson heritage acoustic advice

for me the main issue would be the bridge raised at the back ( or dipping at the front )
this probably means there is not enough support for the gauge of string
that has been used on it...definitely don't put  heavier gauge strings on it
and probably go  a gauge lighter to give it a chance  ( if the bridge is just lifting it needs re-gluing )
all the other issues seem superfluous and simple fixes that are not major
DO NOT do any unnecessary mods..keep it as original as possible

ps if you want advice as whether to purchase it or not need
a 3rd party ( luthier / experienced git person ) to inspect it at first hand
to make a proper assessment

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Re: Gibson heritage acoustic advice

Buy it worth the money in my opinion

Imagine if the words of Imagine ever came true.....

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