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Basically a mishmash of recordings noodling on guitar and covers.

Guns N' Roses

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Early 50's Catania Carmelo Italian Parlour Guitar (great find/buy at my local music shop in Croydon, rare/nice guitar). (the night I bought it). (the night I bought it).

1951 Stella by Harmony H929 Parlor Guitar from America (I found this on from a seller in NYC). Cheap mass produced guitar and shortly after it arrived, I found out Elvis had one.
Cost as much to ship it to my house/import it into the EU/UK as it did the cost of the guitar.

My 1969 Stella buy Harmony H913 12 String. (Cheap, but this one boasted a pro set up and I wanted a 12 string to tide my over until I could afford a nice/fancy one by Guild). I got this from from a seller in Nashville, TN, I had it shipped and imported into the EU/UK too). This was a chance find/chance buy, I ended up pulling the trigger on this buy, then later, talking to the UK's expert in this make/brand, one Chicken Bone John from the West Midlands somewhere, told me my 12 string is rare.
This was sold to me on Reverb for being the same make and model Kurt Cobain used; he had one but I think he had a H912, this is a H913.

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Ever since, God, 2007, it all started with me my friend who also played guitar playing this song, and jamming with him and this song, comes this thing I have/that I always play/hear to that track...
I haven't played it in so long, but I remember it still, and 10 years later (11 years maybe)... I decided to document it.
Hotel California - what I hear/do.

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