Topic: Please help me reading this tab

Hi I am struggling working out how to play a run of notes from a tablature.

I can’t work out where to slide up from. There is a slide up symbol and a fret number to slide up to but where do I slide up from for these?

All the other notes are on an adjascent string so how do I slide up to the higher frets? I haven’t come across this before. If somebody could help, that would be great as I am driving my self nuts trying to work it out.

For example —————————————————————-
Please enlighten me

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Re: Please help me reading this tab

i'm no tab expert but try this
play the A on the third string with the first finger
then if sliding with the 3rd finger play F# on the forth string (4th fret ) immediately slide to fret 7 ( A )
        if sliding with the 4th finger play G on the forth string 5th fret ) immediately slide to fret 7

the other 2 bits are a repeat of the first but on higher frets

usually there should be a start fret ie 4/7 or 5/7
but since its omitted make the decision depending on what finger you'r using to slide with

whoever wrote the tab probably forgot to include it or thought it optional

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