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Topic: ROTONE® - Innovative Guitars Tone Improvement Device

Innovative product for guitars tone quality improvement, ROTONE (Pat. Pending) is a USB powered mechanical strumming device. The functionality is based on the "play-in" theory for stringed instruments sound quality improvement.

It relies on the acoustic vibrations effect on the wood elements of a guitar by closely replicating the influence of playing the instrument by a musician for extended periods of time. The product generates direct acoustic vibrations produced by guitar, allowing the strings to vibrate freely.

It has been witnessed over centuries that regular, consistent play breathes life into an instrument while its tone develops producing a better sound. The dynamic mechanical wood properties influencing the acoustical quality, predominantly the viscoelasticity or "damping" are dependent on the exposure time to acoustic vibrations.

Please visit the website to learn more about the product:  https://www.rotone.co.uk

Innovative Guitars Tone Improvement Device - ROTONE®

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