Topic: Left hand acoustic guitar – for beginners

Hi, I am looking to learn acoustic guitar and been doing some research into beginner guitars for quite some time. Originally I settled and decided on the Yamaha FG800M.

After taking further conservation I thought it would be worth exploring whether or not I am left handed (since I am ambidextrous and left hand in most things).
After a few tests, I am certain that I am left handed in guitar.
I soon learnt that left hand guitars are much more limited and costly than right hand.

So I spent some time looking for another guitar for beginners and came across the Yamaha FG820L.
So I am heading in this direction, however the reason for my posting here is that I have also seen that you can refit the strings in a right hand guitar to be for left handed.
Does anyone know if that's possible and easily achievable and the disadvantages of doing this, rather than buying a left hand guitar?

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Re: Left hand acoustic guitar – for beginners

remove all the strings
turn the guitar over and restring as you would a left handed guitar

NOT FORGETTING....The nut slots will the wrong way round ( ie the thickest slot width will be at the bottom and
so on ) you will need a ' left handed' nut
+there might be an issue with the slot widths at the bridge
the intonation will also need adjusting since the break points over the
bridge will be reversed

an acoustic style bridge intonation adjustment is very limited so
that would be the biggest issue..but not impossible to rectify

if you bought a git with a tunomatic bridge ( usually an electric git )  this wouldn't be an issue at all
since each strings intonation would be individually adjustable ( as would the height of the strings ( action )

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Re: Left hand acoustic guitar – for beginners

Thank you for your reply. I've received very mixed opinions across multiple boards.

Taking everything into account and with further research, I am leaning towards left handed and paying the extra buck to get a left handed guitar from factory.
I understand the extra complications down the line but I know in myself that I will be better suited in the long run to play left handed. Right handed feels so wrong for me when comparing to left.

An opinion which has been stated numerous times is that learning guitar from new is a bitch as it is so if you can do yourself a favour and play something that feels more naturally comfortable then it will massively help as you'll be more likely to enjoy and continue playing. I think this outweighs those negatives, regardless of the added complications of learning as a left hander and not being able to walk into a room and pickup any guitar.

This is the model I am looking to buy from Dawsons - … ar-natural
This seems to be a great model to go for as a beginner. What are others thoughts on this model?

I am also looking to buy picks, tuner, strap and capo - is there any particular brand or shop you would recommend getting these parts from? 
- ideally I could order it all from Dawsons along with the guitar but I'm open to buying these parts elsewhere if need be.

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Re: Left hand acoustic guitar – for beginners

personally i'd advise anybody starting from scatch to go the 'right handed' route
lets face it ..most of the complicated stuff is done with the left hand anyway???
it depends how far into it you are

would you play a ' left handed 'piano etc if such instruments existed??..doubt it

just make  sure the guitar has a good action and is set up right

i've played high end gits that are set up wrong and play setting up is the priority

use a firm pick and NEVER be tempted to use a capo when learning..EVER!!
although a capo can be useful for effect sometimes or as a quick fix for workflow
and key transposing issues

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