Topic: Active - passive powered speakers for me and son

So looking for some advice as I am a technophobe.

1- I play guitar through guitar rig 5
2- my son plays drums ( loudly) both in same quite small room in the house.

Problem- I bought some pre sonus 4.5 this week so I can play my Floyd backing tracks through which on my own are fine. The problem is when my son plays drums to the backing tracks the speakers are at full throttle and the drums are overpowering the sonus speakers.

What would be my best option to buy ? Is it a PA monitor - more powerful active or passive speakers ? I am looking at the head rush 108 ? Am I on the rights track here ?

Also am I right in thinking that the head rush could be connected to my sons laptop and my laptop so we can play independently when we like ?

Thanks newbie technophobe father

I have a a Roland blues cube artist as my guitar amp

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Re: Active - passive powered speakers for me and son

try sorting a monitoring system using . CLOSED BACK need to control what you're listening to
blasting a small room environment is definitely not the right way to go
with quality CLOSED BACK headphones most of the room noise
( esp live drums ) can be eliminated ( in the headphones )

damping the drum kits can also help + some nice tight sounds can be accomplished if done properly

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