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Topic: I have modified my Gibson 335 removing the Stop Bar to put a Trapece

I hadn't used my Gibson ES-335 for a long time and that must be because some things about it bored me. One day I started researching on the Internet about the sound differences that could exist between a 335 with Stop bar and a 335 with Tailpiece. The truth is that I did not find much information, but what convinced me the most was they said that guitars with Tailpiece have much less strings tension making them more pleasant to play. They also said that their acoustic abilities improved, etc ... So I decided to give that 335 a change and turn it into something more magical for my taste. I changed first its original Gibson Bridge by a Graphtech Resomax NV PS-8843-C0 https://graphtech.com/collections/resom … ne-o-matic
And then I removed the Stop Bar and installed a Trapece Tailpiece https://www.thomann.de/gb/abm_1504n_tra … lpiece.htm
The installation of a Trapece Tailpiece is not complicated, but it requires a little care not to damage the guitar and checking that everything is well aligned and adjusted
Conclusions: By the moment  I am really happy with the change and I hope to continue like this



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