Topic: I lost the love of my life (aside from my fiancee). It hurts.

I don't have a lot of money so can't afford the high end guitars I dream of.

One day I went into my local guitar shop for some strings. And there she was. Love at first sight. Preowned, looked metal as f***, pointy everything, shark-fin fret inlays, on a neck that had a reverse headstock. She had a locking tremolo (an Edge Pro I think) and I just fell in love there and then.

She was a bit older, had some dings and marks on the bodywork, but it made me lover her even more, like it gave it character because it had been played. The son of the guitar shop man owned it. He had a tribute band that played metal covers arund my area and at local public festivals they put on. He was a Metalhead.

I had to have it. I Had to wait 2 weeks before I would have the £200 to take it home. The shop does a pay monthly thing where you need to have a proper credit check, and put down x amount deposit, and pay a strict weekly pay-plan thing.  am not eleigible for stuff like that anyway. Now the shop guys rubbing his hands and trying to get me to forget about this old thing, and put a deposit down on a lovely new one for like £800 + .At this point we left the shop. now, the son had also said that he put it on e-bay too so I thought that was the end of it. I would have had to wait a torturous 2 weeks watching the bid screen every few hours and hoping by some miracle it would still be there in 2 weeks.

My girlfriend (now she is my fiancee) went back in the shop while I waited outside. I didn't hear what she said in there. 2 days later she said "you coming?" I'm like "where?" "to pick up the guitar". Thats just one small reason why she is my fiancee and my real love of my life. Anyway turns out, she went back into the shop and said. I have £40 to my name. If I give it to you now will you NOT sell that guitar for 2 days max. She found the money.

It was a black Ibanez RGR320dx. an RG320dx but with a reverse headstock,and that's what I was told about why the model number was RGR not RG...the extra R signified it was an RG with a Reverse headstock. Probably not true but anyway. It was an RGR320DX. Reverse Headstock, Locking Edge Pro tremolo, Sharkfin style fret inlays, and it just had a few little details that stood out from the others when all put together. I know it wasn't a top spec high price-range model, but it played like a dream and it was my favourite guitar out of the ones I have owned in my life. It also came with a decent hard-case.

All it needed was the stock pups to be swapped over to something with a bit more fire on the metal side of things but that being said, they weren't too bad in my opinion, it sounded alright, and I use a lot of digital software too so for what they were I could shred pretty nicely on them - but I was going to upgrade at some point.

So here we come to the sad part. My girlfriend got pregnant. It was a dream come true. Trying to do my bit for our future little boy and to prove how serious I was about being there for my girl and our baby, I sold my stuff. My Ibanez, a Jackson V, a really nice acoustic, my 50w Marshall and my other Randall amp. To get the money towards everything we needed for the baby. It was a killer but felt like I was doing the right thing at the time - I can always get another one in the future...or so I thought.

Long story short now, right at the end of the pregnancy there were complications and we lost our Son Blake just after the birth. My little soldier didn't make it. And my girlfriend nearly died during the traumatic operations and stuff she had to have. I thought she was not going to pull through, even the docs and nurses in the hospital couldn't even tell me she would survive.

Thankfully she got through it and is still here now which is all that matters to me, If I lost her too, with the way I was feeling in that hospital, I would have ended my life. For real.

I had no guitars or equipment. So all I could afford was this squire/ strat copy about a month later for under £50. And that was at least something to play on.

I tried to look for a better guitar within my price range, but it felt like nothing could live up to my old Ibanez, even when I knew they were half decent guitars, and better specs in terms of pickups and stuff, to look at they just didn't melt my heart like the one I lost. Its like all the Ibanez ones I look at, either have one of the features I loved, sometimes maybe 2, but never altogether. Like, I can find an Ibanez, black, locking tremolo, with the reverse headstock, but doesn't have the sharkfin fret inlays...or they'll have the locking trem, the sharkfin frets, but no reverse headstock.

So I suppose I made this as a cry for help.

Can anyone find an ibanez that has:
Locking tremolo - preferably an Edge Pro
The frets are sharkfin style (triangular and covering half of the fret)
And a reverse headstock - so the machine-heads (tuners) are on the bottom of the headstock not on the top, giving it a upside down look/feel.

And even more of a longshot:
I sold that guitar in a cash-generators shop in Barry South Wales about 3 years ago.
I have looked through local ads regularly hoping to find somebody re-selling it but no luck
If anyone sees it, one one just like it please let me know.

I don't know if the image came out on the end post but \i do have some pictures of it, although they were a few years back on a crappy phone, so they are clear but not amazing.

I found an GRG250DX. Stunning in black and red. Got the locking trem, the shark-fin inlays but in blood red, and looks awesome. It doesn't have the reverse headstock but I am almost willing to overlook this detail because it's not to expensive for that model in general. It would need some new pickups fitted at some point but I like that because I enjoy doing that sort of thing. The preowned one is a bit far away so I doubt I will be able to get it, I don't drive because of my epilepsy being really bad.

I don't know what to do. I doubt I will ever find mine

Anyone got anything similar maybe? preowned, under the £200 price-range if I save up for a bit?

Let me know. And also I'd appreciate any feedback on the GRG250DX. I could probably scrape together enough to buy one new in about 2 months.

Thanks guys.


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