Topic: Delays and Loops

I like to use different delays and loops while practicing guitar.  I will first lay down a basic riff, then practice and improvise on top of that and add more layers.  This is a great effect and can be utilized while practicing and performing alike.

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Re: Delays and Loops

I do think there is a big difference between a delay and a loop.

A loop is where a pattern repeats over and over. Delay is where the original sound repeats.

You would use a loop to jam over. This could be a chord progression or a chord vamp that simply repeats. It could even be a drum beat that repeats. This is what I would define as a loop.

Delay is where you add a bit of an echo to your sound. This is similar to a reverb effect. It really fills out the sound of your playing. If you play solo guitar I would always advise spicing it up with a little bit of delay. Makes it sound so much nicer.

Of course, there is the ability to jam over delay as well. Brian May from Queen was known for doing this. What he did was take 2 separate delays set at different times.

When he played a chord or note it would repeat shortly after, once, then a second time.

Using his expert knowledge of harmonizations he would use the 2 echo's as a backing to jam over.

If you are not familiar with this then I would suggest you search on YouTube for it as he did it in most of Queen's most recent concerts. Well worth checking out.