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Topic: Notes on the fretboard tricks!

Hey guys, here are some tricks for learning the notes on the fretboard.

1) Memorize natural notes on low E, A, and D strings.  Remember B-C and E-F are 1 fret (half step) apart.  All other natural notes are 2 frets (whole step) apart.

2) Use octaves to identify the notes on the higher strings.

3) Use reference points, such as the tuning frets, and 12th fret.

4) Talk in terms of notes when playing.

5) Make sure you have a handy fretboard chart.

6) Drill the notes up and down the neck - natural notes, and chromatically.

7) Highlight the natural notes on your fretboard chart.

8) Have someone quiz you.

Any questions, just let me know!  GO STUDY!!


Re: Notes on the fretboard tricks!

Great tips.

I have never completely unlocked the fretboard. I can always work out what note I am playing but I rarely know quick enough. It is something I have always wanted to be able to know instantly as I think it can really help with writing music and communicating musical ideas.

Check out this website for great online exercises which I have used a lot over the years. Great to be able to do when you have five minutes but no guitar with you!


Re: Notes on the fretboard tricks!

While I do see the importance of the natural notes, as a basis, I think that the matter is, that anyone can "learn" the fretboard, but the variable is, how much time are they willing to take to do so.  I have taught the fretboard in as quickly as a weekend.  Now by taught, I mean that the student can go to any note on the guitar and name it in a half second to two seconds, or go to any note on any string, by command and play it accurately in that amount of time as well.

So, what it all comes down to, isn't tricks, but what is the quickest way to get this skill down, to the functional level of being able to use this in real-time? 

How much time is needed, in your opinion, should an approach like this take, by a student following your approach above?



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Re: Notes on the fretboard tricks!

I think the tips above are good. I really only know the notes on the E and A. I know up to 5th fret pretty well on all strings but anything above that I would use the octave approach as above.

This allows me to identify a note but not at any usable speed, therefore making it pretty useless for me personally as I then tend to think in patterns rather than notes.

I think someone can learn this pretty quickly especially if they already know the notes on the bottom E.

Certainly the other techniques mentioned in the opening post would help a lot as well but it having the discipline to do it.

Re: Notes on the fretboard tricks!

Those are good tips.

I also recommend writing the notes on a piece of paper on each string with flats and sharps.

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