Topic: Fender Tweed Blues Deluxe Re-Issue

I got one, brand new, on Friday and this is, without a doubt the best sounding amplifier i've ever owned. even better than the 1962 Fender Bandmaster with it's original 2x10 cabinet, better than one of my current amplifiers a Crate V50 2x12 Palomino. it has nice clean, clear.............almost bell-like ringing cleans, then it breaks up a little bit, nice and warm sounding tube breakup. I cannot imagine any tubes soudning better than the factory Groove Tubes and the factory speaker!  with my Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster i have found EXACTLY the sound i wanted, the Keith Richards tone from the early Stones (Brian Jones Era) i ended up staying up all night Friday night/Saturday morning playing the Telecaster and the Peavey T-60 through it. i finally crashed at around 2 on Saturday afternoon. i DO love the smell of a brand new tube amplifier being broken in.

      in other words folks?  you couldnt do much better than spending the 749.99 you will on this amplifier! … 1145956.gc

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