Theres lots going on with the rest of the ' track ' that make it sound like theres more
chords ie bass lines etc..for instance you could play C instead of Am since there is
a A bass note ..or an F chord with a D bass which will sound like a Dm7 etc
run downs on chords will also make a particular chord sound
different and so on 

in actual fact theres only about 4 different basic chords in the whole song

what you need is a tab for the acoustic version   for the actual chords:

....go to … ds_2184529

Seems the root chords Dm// Dm7 G/// Am/// ////  X2


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go for it ..3/4 scale guits are notorious for setting up
any probs of luck

writing/playing your own stuff is a must...original music is what makes music progress
the world is full of great it on your git and enjoy it but never neglect
your own ' desire ' to be original....the track sounds great.. original music can never be


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mikkelkasper wrote:

Hello new to the forum..i want to do acoustic music..what is the best type of non-electric guitar to buy??
one that is long lasting...

you need a muso friend ( git player ) to help you do this... go to your local music shop
and let him choice one for you...initially ' long lasting' isnt an issue
just get him to advise you on a decent guitar from the outset that you can practice on and start learning

criteria...good action( easy to play )/sensible money ( £50/£100 )


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got too many now thanks

i'm no tab expert but try this
play the A on the third string with the first finger
then if sliding with the 3rd finger play F# on the forth string (4th fret ) immediately slide to fret 7 ( A )
        if sliding with the 4th finger play G on the forth string 5th fret ) immediately slide to fret 7

the other 2 bits are a repeat of the first but on higher frets

usually there should be a start fret ie 4/7 or 5/7
but since its omitted make the decision depending on what finger you'r using to slide with

whoever wrote the tab probably forgot to include it or thought it optional

best of luck buying your new guitar
there's 100's of great guitars to choose from in your budget range
its a very personal subjective thing ..try them all
sauce for the goose is not necessarily sauce for the gander ( as somebody once said )
a lot of gits are poorly set up off the dont be be put off by a high action etc
they can all be set up to play great
buy something you really like the look of ( love at first sight ) never fails


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take the other wing out and measure its thickness with a micrometer
you'll be surprised what there is lying about for your material
the slot looks about 2/3mm so a piece of dexion might do it it
if not go rummage in your neighbours shed♪♪
anyway best of luck and let us know how you get on


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see what you seems like your best bet would be to contact fender support
and try them
for what its worth if it was me..i would remove the ' wing' from the other side and
make ( or get somebody to make ) a mirrored duplicate..i shouldn't think that would be
to much of a task for a diy'er


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if you mean the bolt looks like a 5 or 6mm slotted type which are probably
generic ( ie fender dont make them they just buy them in )
if they aren't the issue a pic would help

need to see a ' CLEAR SHARP PIC ' please

its impossible to determine anything from the photo..cant you ask for a wiring diagram or a least a link to a diagram/drawing
from the guy that built it ?

sorry to hear this ...make sure you post on facebook with a request for sharing


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if the amp has 2 inputs plug the triple play into the first input and the the git into the second i/p
then balance the signals to get the required mix blend


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cheers james...nice to know you're around and kicking♪♪


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if you paid £500 for it ...put it on ebay for £350 with the offer option
if you get no takers ..keep dropping it £25
if was £1000new do the same only start it at £ 70% if its new value
since its an epiphone its not going to be as sort after as much as a gibson
only you know what you paid for it
get it out there on ebay..trick is overprice it to start with and keep dropping


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for me the main issue would be the bridge raised at the back ( or dipping at the front )
this probably means there is not enough support for the gauge of string
that has been used on it...definitely don't put  heavier gauge strings on it
and probably go  a gauge lighter to give it a chance  ( if the bridge is just lifting it needs re-gluing )
all the other issues seem superfluous and simple fixes that are not major
DO NOT do any unnecessary mods..keep it as original as possible

ps if you want advice as whether to purchase it or not need
a 3rd party ( luthier / experienced git person ) to inspect it at first hand
to make a proper assessment


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best of luck with your project..hope you get more input


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U_Bamboo wrote:

Thank you for taking the time to read the post.

have you got a sample ( pic ) of your git stand ?


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U_Bamboo wrote:

There is already bamboo farmers in the Far East. In Japan especially it is not being harvested so having a detrimental effect on the environment.  Bamboo is a grass and only takes a short time, less than one season to grow to maturity required for the industrial process. Steel production is one of the worst environmental industries but as it's made on a massive scale it is a cheap product. This is for my engineering degree project and we have to ask questions like this as this is what product and manufacturing in engineering are today all about, sustainability.

making guitar stands with bamboo will not solve economic problems

it should be processed into some bi product of unusual properties that will reap rewards

ps...bamboo could be made to replace plastic as naturally degradable packaging
and dont forget where you heard it first


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cutting down bamboo can have a negative impact on the environment

guitar stand are important for most git players
steel (iron) is a benign substance and readily available ( 35% of the planet earth )
why start depriving nature ..esp. certain species of a square meal



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check these reviews


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good move'll never look of luck


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after looking a the manual i dont think you can pan any signals
your best bet if you want to use a mic with this unit  ( with reverb )
is to plug the mic into a rever pedal  / device ..then into the boss ( the looped git would not then have any
reverb on it )

a better option would be to plug the mic straight into the pa mixer
and use the boss just for your looping ( unless you want vocs on the loop? )