sorry to hear this ...make sure you post on facebook with a request for sharing


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if the amp has 2 inputs plug the triple play into the first input and the the git into the second i/p
then balance the signals to get the required mix blend


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cheers james...nice to know you're around and kicking♪♪


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if you paid £500 for it ...put it on ebay for £350 with the offer option
if you get no takers ..keep dropping it £25
if was £1000new do the same only start it at £ 70% if its new value
since its an epiphone its not going to be as sort after as much as a gibson
only you know what you paid for it
get it out there on ebay..trick is overprice it to start with and keep dropping


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for me the main issue would be the bridge raised at the back ( or dipping at the front )
this probably means there is not enough support for the gauge of string
that has been used on it...definitely don't put  heavier gauge strings on it
and probably go  a gauge lighter to give it a chance  ( if the bridge is just lifting it needs re-gluing )
all the other issues seem superfluous and simple fixes that are not major
DO NOT do any unnecessary mods..keep it as original as possible

ps if you want advice as whether to purchase it or not need
a 3rd party ( luthier / experienced git person ) to inspect it at first hand
to make a proper assessment


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best of luck with your project..hope you get more input


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U_Bamboo wrote:

Thank you for taking the time to read the post.

have you got a sample ( pic ) of your git stand ?


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U_Bamboo wrote:

There is already bamboo farmers in the Far East. In Japan especially it is not being harvested so having a detrimental effect on the environment.  Bamboo is a grass and only takes a short time, less than one season to grow to maturity required for the industrial process. Steel production is one of the worst environmental industries but as it's made on a massive scale it is a cheap product. This is for my engineering degree project and we have to ask questions like this as this is what product and manufacturing in engineering are today all about, sustainability.

making guitar stands with bamboo will not solve economic problems

it should be processed into some bi product of unusual properties that will reap rewards

ps...bamboo could be made to replace plastic as naturally degradable packaging
and dont forget where you heard it first


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cutting down bamboo can have a negative impact on the environment

guitar stand are important for most git players
steel (iron) is a benign substance and readily available ( 35% of the planet earth )
why start depriving nature ..esp. certain species of a square meal



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check these reviews


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good move'll never look of luck


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after looking a the manual i dont think you can pan any signals
your best bet if you want to use a mic with this unit  ( with reverb )
is to plug the mic into a rever pedal  / device ..then into the boss ( the looped git would not then have any
reverb on it )

a better option would be to plug the mic straight into the pa mixer
and use the boss just for your looping ( unless you want vocs on the loop? )


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if the tracks cant be panned theres no point in having a stereo output
the function might be on a sub menu...have a good look at the manual
the unit boasts true stereo operation
if your pa has a mixer make sure the L/R o/p's of the boss are panned centre
so you get GIT/MIC  through both speakers ( PA )

if your going through one amp you can use the mono o/p of the boss
but all treatment to this signal will be common to the GIT/MIC

the mixer option is more versatile for sound manipulation


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according to the spec it has 2 independent i/p channels and a left and right output
so you can pan the guitar to say the left o/p channel and the mic to the right o/p channel
so anything you do with the guitar will be separate from what you do with the mic

if you plug L/R into separate channels of the pa you can treat each signal separately ( assuming the pa has a mixer )

+ if theres no reverb on the PA or BOSS to treat the mic...use a reverb pedal in line with the mic pre RC30 … 1555.l2649


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jamesd74 wrote:


ayup james hope your ok ....good timing
what should i sell this1971sg for on ebay


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why do people using computer based software use the integrated compulsory ( legacy ) mixer
Its about as useful as a one legged man at an arse kicking competition?
love to know some reasons


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most people i know use 10's on electrics and 11's phosphor bronze
on acoustics...this is a good starting point but at the end of the day
its personal choice
i use rotosound yellows (10's) on one of my strats
but 9's on a second strat that has an evertune bridge tonally they are very similar
i think on a telecaster 10's would be a good choice for any stlye
a wire wound 3rd(018) will also help if your not doing much bending
it will thicken the sound and make tuning more stable
+ dont forget you amp/pedal setup will contribute a lot to what sort of
sound you're going to get

stringbusters is a great online place for every sort of string


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slap back echo is a repeat between say 50ms upto 800 ms with no feedback
the cheapest pedal you can find should give you this effect at least
but as always the only way is to get to your local git store and try these devices
the more expensive pedals will give you this + much more variations of echo/rebverb.. which might
be of much more use to you as you progress through phases of experimentation with effects

there is some really good tuition on youtube.. justinguitar seems a reliable tutor
take in each of his lessons ( obviously starting at the beginning ) before moving on to the next
for now he should be all you need.....+dont forget the 3 p's ( practice practice practice )

at the end of the day sound is very subjective ..but you still need to find a good eq range
read this + articles on how to cut through the mix … not-buried

in a nut shell ...boost your eq in the MID RANGES ( 600HZ/4K )...forget about the bass/treble ends esp  if you want to cut through a wall of a six piece band ...dont waste your setups energy trying to compete with an already full range sound
volume needs to be applied at the effective will sound thin solo'd ( sound on its own ) ..but you've got to share the audio bandwidth and keep your own space


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both lovely gits...if you can demo them go for the one you feel comfortable with..
with all the gizmos about now you should be able to get any sound you want.. the most import
criteria is choose the one that  feels the best.. the sounds will come
with trial and error using amps and footpedals etc
any good quality solid should fit the bill from fender to gibson
+theres a lot of good generic stuff out there that can be set up to sound and play just as good

more money usually equates to a better build ..not necessarily a better sound or playability


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always use a metronome ..starting with a speed you can play at with no hesitations or mistakes
gradually increase the tempo at say 5bpm intervals never go to the next bpm until
you can play at the one you're at ( with no hesitations or mistakes )
if you dont use a metronome you wont know if you're improving or not
but dont forget...never run until you can walk … echniques/