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I have found that if you teach in a creative manner, you are well able to cater for the advanced and the beginner player in a group.

Here's a little tip: Make sure you give everyone some headphones too. You can then make the beginner practice a riff/lick while you help the more advanced student out.

Groups are harder to manage, but true if you have 10 guys paying $35 that is $350 for the hour, so potentially lucrative.

JUST make sure you always give top quality instruction and lots of value!


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I have found that sticking with a long-term strategy is the best option.

Trying flyers, business cards, adwords is all fine, but in my opinion you need to STICK to something consistently.

Remember that you are investing for a return and often you will only get business weeks later.

EVERYTHING works if you make it work!


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Hi folks!

Stefan Joubert here.

Looks like a great guitar forum!

I am a pro guitarist and have done lots of work with tapping guitar a video recorded a while ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r--R5hhhCfY

I also teach in central London and if anyone wants to check my site please visit http://www.guitar-lessons-london.com

I am passionate about teaching and playing guitar and would love to contribute where I can add value!

Have a great day ahead!