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Topic: Using a Capo for Songwriting

A capo is a great device you can use to help inspire new ideas.
I enjoy using a capo when songwriting, especially on the acoustic guitar.

Think about it...some of the greatest songs ever written were played with
a capo (for example, "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles).

I suggest practicing chords, also as arpeggios, and with embellishments.
Having the capo can produce a wide array of sounds that wouldn't necessarily
be the same as if played in open position.

So, which capos are good?  Well there are many good ones on the market, but personally
my favorites are Jim Dunlop and Kyser.

I saw Olly has a great selection of capos on the site...definitely worth checking out  default/cool
http://www.ollysguitar.com/guitar-acces … 9_134.html

Have fun playing!


Re: Using a Capo for Songwriting

A capo can be great.

As well as the different sound you can achieve you may also find that changing the key the song by using a capo makes it easier to sing.

Re: Using a Capo for Songwriting

I use a G7, but honestly my favorite is a Shubb C1.

I cant beat it, even with my G7 even though its more expensive and sexy looking.  I primarily use the capo for writing in ranges that better fit my singing voice when I compose original songs, usually in the 2nd and 3rd positions.



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