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How do you guys record your guitars and vocals on video? I have a logitech pro 9000 webcam and I would like to do some instructional video's where I play guitar and talk about what I'm doing. I can't seem to get a good clean sound like I hear on video's from youtube. I can do ok with the vocals but I can't seem to get a good sound either through the webcams mic or when I go into the audio interface. When I go through the interface I run everything into my sonar recording program and I put amplitube onto my guitar. It just doesn't come out sounding to great.

I hear plenty of video's on youtube that sound fine so I know somehow it can be done. I just don't really know what I'm doing here.


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Hi Don, I had a logitech webcam, and didn't think it was so good, so got shot of it, Personally I find a fairly decent camcorder on a tripod has everything you'll ever need, sound quality is usually pretty good. default/smile

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Re: Recording video

Hey Alun,

I hate to go out and get another camera since I'm getting a great looking video from it. If I can't figure out the audio part of it I may end up having to do that though. I'll have to keep experimenting I guess! Thanks!


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Unfortunately I have cannot offer any advice on this as I have never tried doing this. I would certainly be interested in hearing more about how you have got it set up though.

And if you find the answer be sure to post!

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One thing I did was to just record on both my webcam and into my recording software. I then import the video into my recording software and match the visual audio waves I recorded into the recording sofware with the audio from the video. Once I've done that I can then delete or mute the audio from the video and I then have the video with audio I recorded into the recording software. It comes out sounding pretty good!

If I want myself taking in it also I can just keep the video audio for the spoken parts and mix that in with the audio from the recording software. For some quick playing examples like showing how to do a pull off or something small like that I'll most likely just keep the audio from the webcam. It doesn't really have to be of great quality for that. I'll use my technique when I'm showing how to improvise or something else where there is more actual playing involved.

I'm sure there are better ways but this seems to work. I'm still experimenting! Thanks for the tips!