Topic: My recording setup

When I first starting playing guitar, I recorded the old fashiend way, a tape recoder and then a mic hooked up to my PC.
Now for a couple years. I use an Alesis USB 1/4 cable. I found out if you plug the USB 1/4 end to the out of a pedal and the guitar into the in of the pedal the siganl is alot cleaner than just guitar straight into the computer. I use this set up for all my instriments and vocals. I use Roland cakewalk versaion 6, I dont really like it. Its interface is a pain and recording can be a chore. I have fooled around with Magix Music maker but that was when I was alot younger so I dont know how it records live music. I am expecting FL stuido Frutie edtion to come this Sat XD. I have used Fl Studio before and I love it. Besides metal I love hardcore and EBM electronic music so with the bass boost options I can get nice thumping beats. I'm currently working on a Metal project and so I'm experimetning with my "tools" to see how I can make it nice and crunchy and fast. I will begin recording on FL next week. I can't wait I hate cakewalk at the moment, Iv'e been able to record some alright songs with it. With FL though I  will have alot more control.

Live for Electro,Die for Metal \m/

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