Topic: Pentatonic scale and modes

Hi. I've got a question which will probably display my ignorance, but after all that's why I need to ask the question!    default/smile

I'm familiar in both theory and practice with the pentatonic scale and its use on the guitar to noodle around a chord sequence whilst minimising the risk of the single notes clashing with the chords.

I'm also familiar with the theory (but not the practice) of the seven modes (Ionian thru Locrian).

It looks to me as though I can play all these modes in a limited way using the pentatonic scale (i.e. all except Lydian and Locrian), because, taking the key of C as an example, only the Lydian and the Locrian are dependent on starting and ending on the notes omitted from pentatonic C (F for Lydian, B for Locrian). Are you with me so far and if so is that a correct conclusion?

And if so, is there anything which anyone would like to highlight about this conclusion (e.g. "Yes mate you can play five of the seven modes with a pentatonic scale but only modes X and Y are useful, because............. etc".)

And the other thing is do you have any comments, thoughts or guidance on how this (if indeed it does) relates to or is impacted by use of the "Blues scale" with the addition of the flattened 5th?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Pentatonic scale and modes

hi steve...and welcome
modes explained

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Re: Pentatonic scale and modes

Hi steve Welcome

Imagine if the words of Imagine ever came true.....

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