Topic: Spider IV 30w £75

The 30 watt combo features 12 great amp models, 7 smart FX (with up to 3 simultaneous effects) and strikes a great balance between portable practice amp and powerful gig rig.

Each Spider IV amplifier can dramatically expand its sonic capabilities with the addition of a Line 6 foot controller, including FBV Shortboard; MkII, FBV Express; MkII and FBV2;. These powerful and durable foot controllers deliver everything from wah-wah, pitch-shift and volume control to tap tempo, a chromatic tuner display and simple channel switching (none of these are included).

Providing all the conveniences that guitarists expect from Line 6 amplifiers, Spider IV amplifiers feature a built-in tuner, a CD/MP3 input, a three-band EQ and a headphone output that doubles as a high-quality direct-recording output.

This has been used for light practice for about a year, but hasn't been used for gigging etc.

Buyer to collect - Lancashire

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Re: Spider IV 30w £75

Hi app

Nice to see yer still about..Have you got a new amp....

Imagine if the words of Imagine ever came true.....

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