Topic: Vintage SG (copy of Gibson) mint condition

Hi i am new to the forums and i am advertising this on here as i would like to sell this to someone who will actually treat this guitar right and enjoy the guitar itself instead of wrecking it. (me and my emotional attachment to my guitar)

The reason i'm selling this is because it was my beginners guitar and i'm wanting to just try out the different sounds of the guitar world now and view what my budget covers after selling this guitar.

Now the guitar itself has only suffered once thanks to a "friend" He knocked it over while leaned up against the wall and the tuning peg for the thinner E string plastic grip simply broke. so being me i simply just replaced the one tuning peg and left the rest as original, paranoid about my friend coming over and destroying them again. Over the years i have lost one of the white tuning pegs so i have simply left two original tuning pegs in the middle to make it look even since i cant find the one i have lost. Ten minutes before i started writing this the guitar has had a full strip and clean, old strings removed after sound testing and all is great for the age of it. I have checked the quality of the soldering as this has let me down before but i had it fixed professionally in September 2010 and the soldering is absolutely solid. the paint and components have just had a clean and polish and it looks stunning. The fret board has not been treated with anything in its life but good cleaning keeping the wood naturally healthy.

As for the sound of the guitar it sounds brilliant!
the guitar has Wilkinson pickups which sound great with either a heavy gauge string or lighter gauge string on. I have left the old strings off as i don't have any new ones to fit and its the players preference to choose what brand and gauge of strings he has.

Now this model does cost £170-£185 retail price
It is 4 years old since it was unboxed
Has had 4 new tuning pegs fitted at £5.00 each
No scratches or notches anywhere.
The professional repair work in September 2010 cost £30

I would really like anywhere in the range of £100-£130 for how much i have looked after "my baby".

i am open to reasonable offers.

my contact details are
email- [email protected]

Please don't forget this is a perfect guitar for starters or people ready to start just jamming out with friends in a band.

Link to the pictures here[email protected]/

Thanks for viewing!

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Re: Vintage SG (copy of Gibson) mint condition

price drop to £100 still looked after and doing fine

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