Topic: Help needed with guitar case

Hi there!  I am new to this site and wanted some information on guitar cases.  I bought a Squier SA-100 Spruce Top Dreadnought guitar from the USA for a friend who lives in the Canaries.  I need to transport it over there so have been looking at flight cases.....I have no idea what to buy...can anyone on the website advise me and recommend a case?

Many thanks!

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Re: Help needed with guitar case

if you buy a suitable quality guitar case ( not a bag ) then pack it with bubble wrap
or similar shock absorbing material to stop the guitar from moving about..that should
be sufficient for transporting anywhere with a reputable courier

any part of the guitar should be cushioned from any part of the case with a layer of
bubble wrap or foam or whatever ( even crumpled newspaper )

if you opt for a flight case the same conditions apply ...the flight case should be just that much larger than the guitar so it can be wrapped in shock absorbing material the git being isolated from any part of the case

both options are expensive ( hiring a flight case might be a cheaper solution )

your local courier will probably know the best option

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