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Hi all,
My father in law has asked me to sell a guitar for him but have no idea of the value of the guitar, ive tried researching but cant find anything similar to compare it with.
its a 1980's Tanglewood semi acoustic, right handed, showing signs of wear on the gold plate of the pick ups but otherwise in mint condition. the head stock seems to be rare ??? as i cant find a single Tanglewood on google with the same inlay on the headstock.
Ive added some photos
any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

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Re: Help please

is there a serial/model number anywhere ..looks like it could be worth a bit
it might be a tsb59 ( gibson335 copy )so its probably worth £200+ easy
put it on ebay for £400 and see what offers you get if theres no response keep dropping the price now and again
if you sell it within 30secs somebody knows to much...but thats the risk

you could always ask your local guitar shop what he would allow you p.ex
on another instrument

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