Topic: Fishman triple play

Hi, does anyone know if you can fit the triple play and use the foot pedal to plug direct into amp to gig with?  I know you'd have to set up the sounds on a pc, but does the combination of the foot pedal allow you to gig with no other midi or pc device?
My aim is to set up sax and piano sounds and use just the pedal to use these sounds at a gig.  I've looked at so many videos and reviews but they are all around a studio set up with so much more equipment.
I simply want to add the triple play to my guitar and hit a pedal to get another sound to the amp, that's all.  Don't mind titing around at home setting up the sound, but don't want a pc at a gig....plug and play I need.
Anyone done this?


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Re: Fishman triple play

if the amp has 2 inputs plug the triple play into the first input and the the git into the second i/p
then balance the signals to get the required mix blend

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