Topic: Metalhead looking to buy first electric guitar

Hi guys, I've been an avid fan of metal since I was like 14 years old (24 now). Figured it's better late than never to pick up a guitar and start messing around. I've very briefly tried learning some acoustic back in high school but it didn't hold my attention and I haven't touched a guitar since.

My budget for starting gear is $1000 cad and I'm open to buying used, but a little worried about using craigslist because I don't know what a broken/defective guitar would actually feel like. However as a photographer I'm well aware that that's where I'm going to find the best deals on gear.

My favorite bands are katatonia, agalloch, immortal, dissection, wolves in the throne room, etc. List goes on. Lots of black metal though. I'll be playing in an apartment so an amp that sounds better at lower volumes would be preferable (if that's even a thing).

As for guitars I think I'm leaning towards an ibanez or schecter, based on what I've read from people in similar situations, however I'm not sure how much I should actually spend on the guitar.

Any tips pointing me in the right sort of direction here would be greatly appreciated.

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