Topic: Feedback on guitar competition site

Hi Guys!

Just a quick request for some feedback, I'm not selling!

My friend and I who have both been playing for 20+ years have started a guitar competition site. I know I know!!

The main motivation, as geeks, is actually to (temporarily) get our hands on awesome guitars to play (and then sadly hand over to the winners)! I won't be aiming to make a profit - I just want to keep it rolling on so we can get some awesome guitars!

My question is this:
Would you prefer/would you feel more comfortable
A) to pay a low entry fee but have a smaller chance of winning or;
B) pay a higher entry fee but have a much better chance of winning?

Just interested to know your views/thoughts!

To gauge interest we've already launched with a giveaway of an Epiphone Les Paul Special and a paid entry for a Gibson Les Paul Special DC In blue stain as a test!



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