Topic: Player v Performer Strat

After playing for more than 20 years I have never owned or played a real Fender Strat, but I’ve always loved the classic Strat tone  and feel I need one in my life. My budget will let me stretch to a Performer series, but before I get carried away I’d like to understand the real difference between the US Performer and the cheaper Mexican Player. 

I’ve heard the pickups on the Performer are some of the best around (I’m looking at an HSS configuration). The other key difference seems to be the tremolo - 6 point on the Performer and 2 point on the Player. Having never owned a trem-fitted guitar (!!) I’m not sure what this means!

My first electric was a ‘96 Mexican Tele which I still play regularly, so I’ve nothing against the Player. Obviously the first step is to get out and play some but I’d love to hear some opinions from any owners of one of both series.

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