Topic: Hollow body semi accoustic....What strings?

I have a hollow body semi accoustic Rockburn ES Jazz guitar,at the moment i have electric guitar strings on and it sounds crap.As its a semi accoustic,surely it would be better with perhaps accoustic steel strings so it can be played accousticaly and allowing the magnets in the pickups to detect the strings,am i right? thanks in advance.

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Re: Hollow body semi accoustic....What strings?

I haven't had much experience with that type of guitar, but you might like to try Thomastik flatwound strings, they tend to suite that type of hollow body Jazz Guitars, but it does depend on the kind of sound your hoping to get out of them.

The guitar you have its quite a shallow body compared to an actual acoustic guitar right?... in which case your not gonna get such a big sound out of it acoustically...

I would just try some different strings out... try acoustic strings try some flatwound strings its up to what your preference is in the end....

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