Topic: re-setup for switch to lower gauge?

Hi All,

I own a Ibanez RG321. Factory setup gauge of strings on it are regular light gauge (.01 to .046). I use Daddario regular light gauge. I would like to switch to a lower guage, ernie ball super slinky (9 - 42).

I am not expert on this stuff but would i mess up setup of my guitar if i go ahead with this switch. Any other possible problem i should be aware of?

If it would then can i fix/re-setup guitar on my own, especially if i do not have much experience in this area. How complicated a job can it be and should i consider doing it on my own with guidance from more experienced and expert people on this forum.

Any advice is really appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: re-setup for switch to lower gauge?

If you put a lighter set on the thing to look out for would be the ' relief in the neck ' ie the slight concave bow in the neck...this would decrease since the tension created by the strings would be lower...the action would probably decrease as a result
+ if the relief was low to start with you will get fret buzz

so after the new strings are fitted and tuned to the correct pitch check the ' relief '
if it needs resetting this can be done by adjusting the truss rod

you might be lucky and no adjustments may be needed it would vary from guitar to guitar

this adjustment is not that difficult just follow the vid ( or similar vids )

the action should be back to normal if the ' relief ' is set to what it was for the 10's guage

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Re: re-setup for switch to lower gauge?

thanks polyal, that was helpful!

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