Topic: Hi all

Names John, I have a Takamine EG440 C acoustic; I've been trying to teach myself for the last five years and I'm still struggling, I don't think I have any rhythm as I still can't make a song sound recognisable.
I'm 65 and I'm beginning to think I should have picked the guitar up years ago, still, I love the sound of the guitar and I'll keep playing.

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Re: Hi all

hi john..i have a takamine acoustic which a mates borrowing at the minute ( its about £500 quids worth
and i dont know the model no. off the top of my head )
i've got his 1969 sg so i dont think he'll be doing a runner

anyway its never too late to do anything new esp learning guitar..and every git player is learning all the time
if you love the instrument thats all that counts so keep on strumming...and learning
if you need any help theres loads of talent on the forum ( although at the moment they're all on holiday LMFHO )
rock on

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