Topic: 3 Brands - 3 Guitars - "Same" budget price

Hello everyone,

I've been looking for a good guitar (not beginner) that can be bought new for under £400, and I've heard/read good things about these 3 models:

- Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT
- Epiphone Les Paul Standard

I will go in shops to try them out to see how they feel and listen to how they sound (as from the pics I like the look of them).

I wanted to know if anyone here has had experience with these models and if there's one of them that is better compared to the other two, for whichever reason.


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Re: 3 Brands - 3 Guitars - "Same" budget price

best of luck buying your new guitar
there's 100's of great guitars to choose from in your budget range
its a very personal subjective thing ..try them all
sauce for the goose is not necessarily sauce for the gander ( as somebody once said )
a lot of gits are poorly set up off the shelf...so dont be be put off by a high action etc
they can all be set up to play great
buy something you really like the look of ( love at first sight ) never fails

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Re: 3 Brands - 3 Guitars - "Same" budget price

I went for the Gretsch G5220 and I love it!
Tried all of those and to me the Gretsch felt way better than the others.

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