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Topic: Hi all

Hi all, I'm Imran from the midlands UK, I play guitar as a hobby, I have been playing for 4 years, I know some of the basics but still learning basic chords and I still don't know my "keys", I've been playing left handed with an Ibanez electric guitar that is entry level. I also have some tracks recorded of basic songs. On my sound cloud. Recorded using Jamup on Ipod touch.

I am self tought by learning on the internet and youtube.


I'm just here to find some local friends who like to play guitar. They're aren't any groups that do this locally.

Thanks all..

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Re: Hi all

Hey there..am new to guitar..that is why i joined up..still on the basics..still looking for a guitar that will like best my best friend..its an interesting start of a long journey.

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